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contact us at localmetromusic@hotmail.com

What is Local Metro Music?

We are a local music enthusiasts from Michigan dedicated to supporting Michigan artists and companies. Whether you are a band, photographer, clothing line or promotion company- if you are local we support you!

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We often run give-away contests to not only support the bands and companies who participate, but to give them some needed promotion and exposure! Plus you could win some pretty cool stuff!

Local Metro Music is Nick Gillard and Amy Maus. More importantly though Local Metro Music is a community. Local Metro Music is anyone who is willing to go see a local show. Anyone who is in a band. Any and every fan. Without the support of the rest of the music industry, we are nothing. Always support local music. Without the support of fans the locals will never become nationals. We do whatever we can to get you're band, you're solo career, or you're business to the next level!

Local Metro Music

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